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  1. Tim, This cartoon totally lines up with our church’s Scripture reading for this week. We are in our fourth week of online worship in Bar Harbor Maine. We host our live service on ZOOM (we had 97 people last week!) and then render the Zoom recording to post on YouTube. We’ve only had about 45 views there (it’s a really small church!). May we have permission to include this cartoon in this week’s worship?

    Thank you very much for your consideration of this request.

  2. Hi TIm, Just found this awesome cartoon. We are celebrating “Holy Humor” Sunday on April 16, 2020. I am seeking permission to use your cartoon in our YouTube online worship. My name is Maggie Beamguard and I am the pastor of the West End Presbyterian Church in West End NC.

  3. Hi Tim – I’m vicar of a parish church in West Sussex, UK. I’ve just stumbled upon this wonderful cartoon and I’d love to use it in our online service this Sunday (19th) as we’ll be looking at this story in John 20. Would that be OK with you? Tnaks for considering this – and thanks for making me smile in dark days with this cartoon!

  4. Dear Tim, this is a wonderful cartoon and we would like to use it for our Sunday worship on ZOOM, which is livestreamed to Facebook. It would fit really well with our service plan. Is it ok to include it?
    Kind regards,
    Stella Campbell

  5. Hi Tim,
    This is a wonderful cartoon, thank you! Would it be okay to post a copy of this on my parish facebook page?
    Rachelle Smith

  6. Tim, may we use your fabulous (and very apt!) cartoon in our virtual May “parish magazine” please? We’ll include a link to your website – circulation is about x110 with possible downloads of a few hundred via four church websites. Many thanks

  7. Tim, I would like to add your cartoon to my Catechetical newsletter dedicated to Directors of Religious Education. They would really appreciate your ideas and creativity. Thank you

  8. Hi Tim, please may I use this cartoon in our parish magazine – it links in with a piece someone’s writing about the Zoom church and choral online meetings. Many thanks, AILEEN, Editor

  9. Hi Tim,

    I’m pastor of a Methodist Church in Austria (Salzburg) and leading tomorrow’s service on the theme of “doubting Thomas/ resurrection”. May I use your comic (with attribution) on the service sheet that is handed out to the small congregation present and may I show it briefly on screen to people watching on Zoom/ Livestream? The service isn’t recorded, it is only shown live.

    Your comic fits so perfectly to our situation at the moment – it made me smile!
    Thank you!!

  10. I would like to put a German version in our church newsletter. Actually 2 Mennonite churches
    I already translated the text and pasted it into the cartoon.
    Would you allow me to use it? Conditions?
    Mennonitengemeinde Augsburg – 30 copies
    Mennonitengemeinde Bammental – 40 copies

  11. Hi, Tim. I saw your cartoon on Instagram and searched for your work. It’s really great. Do you have a social media account to follow you?
    Metairie, LA

    1. Thank you Claudia! I tweet @timwakeling but that’s mainly automated tweets from this website. I am on Instagram @timwakeling but I never post there, though I think I probably ought to start. 🙂

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