Tim Wakeling is a cartoonist (well, some of the time) who lives in Chester, England. His cartoons aim to be gently humorous, mostly positive, and entirely black and white.

When he’s not drawing cartoons, Tim designs and builds websites, and now and then does logos, illustrations and such things too.

Tim started cartooning in 2005 while on Community at Lee Abbey Devon, and is now involved with Hoole Baptist Church in Chester.

He believes that God is closer than we think, that God likes it when we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and that we are all more creative and artistic than we imagine.

You can follow Tim on Twitter if you like, where you’ll also find him indulging in such topics as Icelandic volcanoes, Windows and web stuff, climate change, support for the left-hand side of the political spectrum, and occasionally frustration about Brexit. He does not follow Trump.